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200 km 


3 hrs 

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Ride Summary

Awesome run around some of the best roads close to Brisbane, including the not so well know Clear Mountain Rd.

Ride Description

Road quality is mostly high,but narrow and best to go with someone who has before if you want to keep the pace up.

Highlights would be heading down from Nebo, down from Mt Glorious, wrapping around somerset dam, coming up Mt Mee (best of them all), and start and finish of Clear mountain road.


Ride begins north of Brisbane heading out on the Mt Nebo Road towards Mt Nebo and beyond.

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Best Thing About This Ride

Different types of road, from smooth sweepers to fast straights, to bumpy s-bends, its all the with great views.

What Else To Look Out For

Turn off for Clear Mountain Rd, off Wynn Rd comes quicker than expected, and T’s off a left sleeper. High law enforcement over Mt Nebo/Glorious and Mt Mee. Bumps at somerset. Leaf litter after glorious. Not as fun in the rain.