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Yarra Ranges 


21 kms 


25 mins 

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Motorcycle Rides 

Ride Summary

A short but vigorous ride, Lake Mountain is 10 kilometers long with a 90% corner ratio and medium to fast corner speeds. Cars come at a rate of one every 10 minutes in the off-season for snow, and 2 or more per minute during the snow season. The bitumen grip is good while the road surface is smooth and free of bumps.

Ride Description

Most of the corners and curves on Lake Mountain are fairly gentle, allowing you to make your turns with a light lean only in most cases as the road scales the mountainside. This “blast” features a good road surface that is usually free of debris, despite the flanking forests, which are rich with ferns. The climb offers brief but interesting views of adjacent mountains through gaps in the trees. The top of the ride is through tundra, but there are no wide prospects from the summit.

This gentle, highly popular ride is slightly less inviting in the winter, when a mix of heavy ski-resort traffic and a toll at the National Park gate at the mountain’s foot interfere with a smooth drive over the mountain. The road is reached by taking the Black Spur to the Marysville exit, driving through Marysville to the second roundabout, and taking a right turn. The entrance to Lake Mountain is 10 kilometers down this road.


The Lake Mountain turnoff is on the road connecting Marysville and Cumberland Junction, about 10 kilometers outside Marysville towards the end of the paved road (with dirt road indicating you have gone too far). This ride is approximately 90 kilometers east-northeast of Melbourne’s CBD.

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Best Thing About This Ride

The roominess and good surface of Lake Mountain’s road, as well as the lack of really sharp corners for much of its length, make it good for casual riding and a good climb through different kinds of vegetation – from rainforest to tundra, in fact.

What Else To Look Out For

Traffic is the main hazard on Lake Mountain, especially in the winter, when the cross-country ski resort on the mountain draws large numbers of people. There are also three very tight corners in succession which come after a near straightaway that prompts you to increase your speed, which you should beware of.