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Yarra Ranges 


20 km 


15 mins 

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Motorcycle Rides 

Ride Summary

The length of this ride is 16 kilometers, with a corner ratio of 80%. You can turn the corners at fair to fast speeds, while the surface of the road gives good bitumen grip, although with occasional bumps. The road is past its prime, and traffic is now heavy due to local development.

Ride Description

The Christmas Hills route loops through hilly and forested scenery outside Melbourne, providing views of the Yarra Valley and the noteworthy Sugarloaf Dam before reaching its end at Yarra Glen. Formerly a route noted for its beautiful eucalyptus forest and semi-rainforest, as well as its excellence for motorcyclists, this ride has declined in quality due to development with many houses.

The potential rider should be advised that although it is preferable to the highway, this ride now features many intersections around blind corners, a considerable motorcycle police presence, and is marked for 80 kilometers per hour for its entire length. Once a favorite motorcycle ride, it is now more suitable for beginners, since it is close to the city (and is being slowly engulfed by the outskirts). Those who make use of 250’s also find it to be a good ride because of this closeness.


The ride begins in Kangaroo Ground and ends in Yarra Glen.

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Best Thing About This Ride

A sightseeing visit to the Sugarloaf Dam is currently the best feature of this ride for many. There are still some pleasant views, although you need to pay attention to the road because of intersections and traffic, so will have less time for enjoying the vistas than formerly. The road surface gives good grip.

What Else To Look Out For

The burgeoning number of intersections and house driveways, especially after blind corners, are one thing to watch out for. Traffic has also become quite heavy, especially on weekends, and the motorcycle police are active on this ride.